Oxford Reading Spree is a unique event, part conference, part festival, part celebration of books, story and reading in schools. We bring together teachers, leaders, authors and experts in a spirit of fun and passion not just giving ways of changing practice on Monday but also challenging attitudes to change practice long term.

The day will have a mix of keynotes, workshops and free flow sessions giving you the chance to hear from inspiring speakers, work together to explore ideas and mingle to meet new people and make new contacts.

2017’s inaugural Reading Spree was an great success, some people were kind enough to blog their impressions of the day – here’s a piece from the wonderful Kiran Satti: Oxford Reading Spree 2017

Oxford Reading Spree will take place at Larkrise Primary School in East Oxford. Larkrise is a large primary school with 450 pupils on role situated in an area of huge social diversity. The school follows a storytelling curriculum inspired by Pie Corbett and the Storytelling Schools movement – though with some unique Larkrise twists.

With so many people converging on Oxford for this event, it would be a shame to let the fun stop when the day ends. There’s sure to be a meet up in the pub after the event!