We are currently cooking up our programme for October 19th

We have some amazing speakers and workshops organised and are currently working out the best way to squeeze them into the programme – it’s going to be a tight fit!

Here’s how it looks now:

OxfordReadingSpree – 19th October 2019

8:00 Site Open
9:30 Doors Open
10:00 Welcome Ed Finch – convener of the Spree and friend to all. Ed will tell you where the toilets are and make weak gags.
10:10 Ross Montgomery –

Teacher, Author, Nail-Biter

Ross Montgomery – author of the award winning Perijee and Me, Space Tortoise, The Building Boy and many more. As an ex-teacher Ross understands the issues teachers face better than most. Ross’s books will be available at the bookshop and he will be happy to sign through the day.
10:45 Bob Cox A quick ten minutes from B|ob to talk about his new book set ‘Opening Doors’
10:55 Gemma Bagnall –

Gypsy, Roma and Travelling people and how they are presented in children’s literature.

Gemma Bagnall – Gemma is an old friend of the Spree and will be reflecting on her own heritage as well the often problematic representation of Gypsy Roma and Travelling people in children’s literature.
11:25 Darren Chetty –

Beyond the Secret Garden

Darren Chetty is a writer, teacher and researcher. He has published academic work on philosophy, education, racism, children’s literature and hip-hop culture. He is a contributor to the bestselling book, The Good Immigrant, edited by Nikesh Shukla and published by Unbound. Darren is co-author, with Jeffrey Boakye, of What Is Masculinity? Why Does It Matter? And Other Big Questions. Darren’s books will be available at the bookshop.
12:00 Workshops See list
1:00 Lunch As ever courtesy of the brilliant Sandra Ruge of @Waste2Taste – ethically sourced, expertly cooked, every bite made with love.
2:00 Workshops See list
3:00 ‘Town is by the Sea’ Slow read
Ed Finch and your mystery guest will take time to share a reading of ‘Town is by the Sea’ by Joanne Schwartz and Sydney Smith. Copies of the book will be available at the bookshop.
3:45 AF Harrold –

Poetry: Why I like it and What Good stuff looks like to me

AF Harrold – AF is the author of many books of Poetry as well as his extraordinary novels ‘The Afterwards’, ‘The Song From Somewhere Else’ and many more. He is a writer of extraordinary imagination and a powerful advocate for poetry in the classroom. AF will be happy to sign over lunch and at the end of the day and the Roving Bookshop will be sure to carry a range of his books.
4:30 Bookshop open and please help yourself to any leftover food! No seriously, please take the left over food away or Ed will eat it all and he may burst.