Our programme once again is absolutely packed. It’s hard to believe we’ll manage to pack all this bookish goodness into the day but gosh we’re going to try. I feel like I should get some of those red, yellow and green public speaking lights to keep us all on time or get Terry to ring the school bell for the changeovers. Anyway – here’s the current draft – I couldn’t be more excited.. hope you’re feeling good too.

07:00 Site open for sponsors and contributors
09:00 Site open for participants and spreegoers
10:00 Welcome and Kick Off Ed Finch
10:10 No More Boys Books and Girls Books Graham Andre
10:35 I am what I am: My Reading Journey Ian Eagleton
10:50 Secret Gardens: Race and Reading Darren Chetty
11:20 Comfort Break
11:45 Class Novels and all that Sonia Thompson
12:00 Reading and Special Educational Needs Nancy Gedge and Simon Knight
12:20 Explore ‘Traction Man’ with it’s author and illustrator. Mini Grey
01:00 Workshop Choice One
01:45 Lunch
02:35 Workshop Choice Two
03:25 Phoenix Comic Jam Neil Cameron
03:50 How Children’s Books Change Our Lives SF Said
04:15 A Quality Text Revolution Bob Cox