Sign up for workshops on arrival. Places are limited as workshops happen in classrooms. Workshop slots are just 40 minutes so do try to be prompt to maximise the use of the time. Crane and Stork Classes are in the area beyond the Roving Bookshop. Eagle and Flamingo Classes are in the area beyond the tea, coffee and cake station.

Workshop Choice 1 Workshop Choice 2
Darren Chetty: Reading Race in Children’s Books (Hall) Ed Finch interviews SF Said (Hall)
Simon Knight: Reading and SEN (Stork) Nancy Gedge: Reading and SEN (Stork)
Ed Finch: Storytelling (Crane) Mini Grey: Making Picture Detectives (Crane)
Jules Pottle: Teaching Science through Stories (Eagle) Graham Andre: Reading Gender in Children’s Books (Eagle)
Sonia: Choosing and planning with texts. (Flamingo) Knights Of: Building representation into the heart of publishing (Flamingo)